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Can an Air Conditioner Heat My Home, Too?

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In a temperate climate like the San Bernardino Valley, you might wonder if there are alternative options to heat your home. When truly cold days are few and far between, is it your best option to invest in a furnace? With the help of the expert technicians at Ballard Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, you can discover whether your home may be a good candidate for a heat pump!

How does a heat pump work?
A heat pump works with your home’s central HVAC system to “pump” warm air to wherever it is needed in order to heat or cool your home. On cold winter days, it will extract heat from the air or the ground to keep your family comfortable inside, and during the rest of the year, it will pump the warm air outside to cool down your home.

Is a heat pump efficient?
Rather than generating heat, a heat pump moves the heated air, so it is much more energy efficient than a traditional furnace or other heating equipment. Without the generation of heat, your home will produce fewer CO2 emissions, which improves air pollution. Keeping an energy-efficient home helps to save the environment and also saves you money on utility bills.

How can a heat pump save money?
Although there may be a higher upfront cost, you’ll find that most heat pumps have lower running costs and less maintenance needs overall. A heat pump offers less HVAC machinery to maintain in comparison to a furnace, resulting in less frequent breakdowns and fewer repair bills. Heat pumps are also extremely reliable and can last up to 50 years, compared with the typical 15- to 20-year lifespan of a furnace.

Are there other benefits?
Another benefit to a heat pump is its quiet operation, since it does not require the generation of heat. Along these same lines, you may also find a heat pump to be safer than other heating alternatives as there are no combustible materials required for it to run. Heat pumps also work quickly because they move hot air instead of creating it, so you’ll see fast results when you change the thermostat.

If you live in the San Bernardino Valley and would like to learn more about whether a heat pump could work for your home, contact the experts at Ballard to schedule a consultation at (909) 882-1748. We love to work with our customers to find the best heating and cooling systems to keep you and your family comfortable all year long.

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