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Don’t Forget Your Drains When It Comes to Spring Cleaning!

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The feeling that spring is in the air may have you itching to clean your home. Closets, kitchens, basements … these are obvious options, right? Did you know that your home’s drains could use some spring cleaning, too? The network of drains and pipes in your home does an incredibly important, though messy, job. That means proper maintenance is key in your system running as smoothly as possible!

If you are getting ready to do some indoor/outdoor inspection as part of your spring cleaning, why not include your pipes? You can check for leaks both on the exterior of your home as well as the interior. If you find anything questionable, call Ballard Plumbing Repair in San Bernardino at 909-297-1914, and we will send a professional to service your plumbing. Investing in professional maintenance before you find a problem is the best form of prevention and the easiest way to avoid larger leaks or clogs later on.

As part of your spring cleaning, it is important to tend to slow drains. These may have become clogged with hair or soap scum, which is unavoidable. Use a non-corrosive, biodegradable drain cleaner or tools such as drain snakes and plumbing snakes to remove any clogs. Once your drains are clear, take care of them by finding other more environmentally friendly methods to dispose of chemicals, paint, solvents, and medications, as these toxins should never be poured down any drain.

If your kitchen sink is slow draining or your garbage disposal is sluggish at expelling waste, you may have inadvertently disposed of something that is not meant to enter your plumbing system. The usual suspects include grease, fats, oils, coffee grounds, eggshells, and even flour. Many people don’t know that these can cause horrible clogs in your pipes, so take care to dispose of these substances differently to keep your spring cleaning easy next year!

Fast Plumbing Service in San Bernardino

As always, if you run into a problem such as a clog, smelly drain, or leak, the expert local plumbers at Ballard are committed to serving you with a wide range of expertise in all things plumbing. We help repair services leaky faucets, toilets, garbage disposal repair, sewer, and drain repair, and complete plumbing repair. Call us today at 909-297-1914 to schedule your yearly maintenance or service repair and leave the spring cleaning up to us!

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