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How to Keep Creepy Critters Out of Your Heating and Cooling System


“Oh man! There are bugs in the air ducts!” That’s not something you want to hear. Today we’re going to help you keep creepy critters out of your home.

How easily critters can get in

Most homeowners don’t realize that it’s very easy for insects to get in through the air vents. In fact, if you’ve got an infestation, chances are air vents are the issue.

This is partly because you have so many intake vents, and exhaust vents, all around the outside of your home. Exhaust vents are where the air from dryer vents, bathroom fans, and range hoods exits your home. Exhaust vents are also used to get rid of hazardous gases created by your furnace, to make sure they don’t make their way into your home. Intake vents, on the other hand, draw fresh air from outside, so that your heated or cooled air is nice and fresh! So these vents are very important, but if you’re not careful, they’re also a great way for pests to get into your home …

Preventing pest entry by covering vents

Often, when you go outside and look around at all these vents, you’ll find covers of some kind. Metal hoods, flaps, or screens. This should be the case for nearly all homes, especially new homes, as a way of preventing insects, rodents, and any pests from getting through. But, even if the vent is protected by a screen, rodents can easily chew through it, or, the screen can fall off in inclement weather. You’ll want to periodically do a perimeter check around your home to ensure your outdoor vents are in good shape and properly covered. (Or, if you already have a pest problem, one of the first culprits to check.)

Also, vent covers are important because they keep dirt out of your ducts, and out of your heating and cooling system. If a vent isn’t properly covered/screened, you may notice that you have to change your air filter more often, because of the excess dirt.

Call the professionals

While we aren’t exterminators here at Ballard, we are always happy to look at every aspect of your heating and cooling system, and make sure everything is airtight (and leaves no opening for pests!). Whatever you do, don’t try to use a dangerous “DIY” method like spraying pesticide in your air ducts. Those fumes are toxic and will spread around your home when the system kicks on. Just call the exterminators!

And, if you have any more questions about how to prevent pest infestations coming through ducts and vents, or any other questions regarding heating and cooling, just give us a call! 909-297-1914

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