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Low Interest Rates Make Now the Time to Replace Your HVAC System

House and new HVAC

Begin this year renewed and refreshed with a new HVAC system. A new heating and cooling system ensures a year filled with energy efficiency, comfort, and health. Modern equipment is engineered to be dependable no matter the weather. At Ballard, we understand that many Inland Empire [JS1] families do not have cash available to make a major investment, especially if the expenditure is unexpected. Learn how to get the most out of your financing by securing low-interest rates.

Benefits of equipment financing

Major home-improvement projects can put quite the strain on your cash flow, especially as most homeowners don’t budget for an HVAC replacement. Financing helps bridge the gap between available cash and equipment costs, making the purchase less stressful. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of replacing your HVAC system is that it basically pays for itself. The increase in energy savings impacts your overall energy costs greatly. Look forward to an easy application process, low monthly payments, multiple payment options and more when you finance your new HVAC equipment.

Obtaining financing

Most homeowners are able to qualify for some amount of financing for new HVAC equipment. In order to secure optimal interest rates and multiple offers, it’s important to gather important documentation, such as:

  • Credit reports: Credit scores play a major role in a lender’s decision to offer financing. The interest rates and amount of financing you receive are directly tied to your credit score.
  • Reference letter: Those with minimal or poor credit can establish a pattern of reliability with a letter of reference. References from solid sources such as employers and utility companies can aid in demonstrating responsibility.
  • Pay stubs: Proof of income is of utmost importance when obtaining financing. Organize your last three months’ worth of pay stubs for verification. If self-employed, show proof through tax returns or deposit receipts.

Replace or repair?

No matter how well your HVAC system is maintained, a replacement will be required at some point. Look for these signs to warn you that your existing system may need to  be replaced:

  • Your system is passing the 10-year mark
  • Repairing it is costing more than half the cost of a new system
  • Your energy bills keep increasing every month
  • Comfort is not maintained in your home
  • You notice odd smells and sounds
  • Air quality has slipped

Do any of those send red flags? Then it may be time to update! Save big today!

Replacing your HVAC system is no small task. By knowing how to get the most out of your financing, you’ll be able to renew your home’s comfort level effortlessly. At Ballard, we’re here to help you every step of the way! Call us at 909-297-1914 for a free estimate on new installations!

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