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Show Your Pipes Some Love

Pipes and connectors spelling out the word LOVE

It’s easy to take for granted the luxury that allows us to flip a handle and have water come pouring out of a faucet or hose. Flushing toilets, showers, washing machines and dishwashers all rely on your plumbing system as well. So, what’s the best way to show your pipes some love?

Inspect for leaks or other signs of damage

Routine maintenance is always at the top of our list. Make it a priority to inspect the pipes in your home a few times a year in order to help prevent many of the most common problems associated with damage. Beginning outside, walk the perimeter of your home to inspect the spigots for signs of leakage or rust. Once indoors, inspect the pipes under sinks, faucets and showerheads. Check the toilets as well.

While performing your own inspection, make sure to check out the hot water heater. This is one appliance that sometimes goes unnoticed until you wake up with no hot water for your morning shower. Look for signs of rust or corrosion. Feel underneath or check with a flashlight for any water. It is best, especially if you have an older water heater, to have one of the professionals at Ballard give it a proper inspection.

Prepare for clogs

Pipes can get clogged quite easily, so preparing for this is another way to show your home some love this year. Make sure to have a plunger on hand for any routine clogs. Be mindful of what goes down the drain to prevent clogs, too. Hair build-up, foreign objects or food that won’t disintegrate in the garbage disposal … even the handiwork of a kid dropping a toy — or worse — down a drain could cause a serious problem. If you find that a clog cannot be handled with a plunger, it’s time to call the professionals at Ballard to service your pipes.

Don’t take for granted the hard work your pipes do all year for you and your family. Perform regular inspections in order to prevent some of the most common problems like leaks and clogs. If you find something that concerns you or have a problem requiring maintenance, the professional at Ballard are more than happy to come and take a look. 

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