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When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

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A properly functioning water heater is an essential component of every home. Your home’s water heater works hard to supply you and your family with warm water for showers, baths and frequent hand washing. Not to mention that everyday chores such as cooking, laundry and dish cleaning would be difficult without an efficient water heater. Therefore, as a homeowner, it’s crucial that you know the signs of an aging water heater. But don’t worry, we here at Ballard in San Bernardino have you covered. Here are six indicators that it’s time to replace your water heater.

Old age

The average lifespan of a water heater varies depending on the type and warranty. With proper maintenance, water heaters with tanks should last from six to 12 years, whereas tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. It’s best to check your water heater’s warranty for more accurate timelines. Regardless, if your water heater is more than 20 years old, you should consider replacement options.

Rising heating bills

Are your heating bills unusually high? There could be a problem with your water heater. Hot water accounts for the majority of heat energy use in your home. If your water heater is running inefficiently due to a leak, sediment build-up or other issues, it could have an impact on your home’s energy use and bills. If you are experiencing this issue, call a professional. They can fix any issues or recommend a replacement.


Water heater leaks are typically a result of pressure build-up inside the tank. Signs of water heater leaks include puddles around the tank base or water corrosion on the side of the tank. If your water heater is leaking, you should have it replaced immediately. Otherwise, ignoring leaks for too long could result in tank explosion. Be proactive when it comes to necessary water heater repairs or replacements by calling a professional if you suspect a problem.

Loud noises

Loud noises coming from your water heater tank are an indication of sediment build-up. As sediment hardens within the tank, it can move around, causing knocking or rumbling sounds. Too much sediment build-up over time will result in your water heater needing to be replaced. Prevent this issue from the start by having your water heater tank flushed regularly by a professional. This will remove any sediment deposits from the tank’s heating elements, saving you from experiencing trouble down the road.

Water discoloration

Rusty, cloudy or cold water coming from your home’s sinks or showerheads can be a sign that your water heater tank is corroded. This type of water is not healthy to use or safe to bathe in. Therefore, in the case of water discoloration, you should have your water heater evaluated by an expert plumber as soon as possible.

Too many repairs

Your water heater should not need to be fixed more than twice a year. Has your unit needed too many repairs in a short amount of time? It’s time for an upgrade.

A well-maintained water heater calls for a healthy home! Residents of San Bernardino and surrounding areas should call upon the professionals at Ballard for all of their water heater repair and replacement needs. Call us at 909-297-1914 or reach out online to schedule an appointment today.

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