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A Guide to Different Types of Water Heaters

types of water heaters

When it comes to providing hot water for your home, you’ve got options. From trusted tank-style heaters to efficient tankless models, understanding how different water heaters work can help you pick the right one!

Also, knowing what to listen to and look out for can clue you into potential problems down the road.

Tank water heater

Let’s start with the classic tank-style water heater found in most homes. It’s a large tank that holds and heats a set amount of water – like a big metal tea kettle. Cold water enters the bottom, gets heated by gas burners or electric coils, and hot water exits the top when needed. These work well for most households but lose some heat over time since they always keep water hot. One harmless issue is sediment build-up inside over many years, leading to rumbling or popping sounds. This might mean flushing it out soon!

Hybrid water heater

Then there are shiny new hybrid water heaters, combining tank storage and a heat pump to squeeze extra efficiency out of every BTU. The heat pump pulls warmth from room air through a compressor and transfers it to the incoming water. High tech, but also a higher price than tank water heaters.

Tankless water heater

These on-demand units quickly heat water only when needed instead of maintaining a tankful. Because they power on and off, problems could arise with that, but overall, having unlimited hot water on demand is a great deal, despite the price. The energy efficiency of tankless water heaters can result in cost savings over time, offsetting their higher upfront price.

In the end, every water heating option has its quirks. Do some homework to pick the right one. Also, whatever you choose, know that with some preventative care, your water heater can work safely and reliably for years.

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