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“Three Truths and a Lie” About Your Heating System!

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How well do you really know your heating system? In the world of home heating, there are truths, myths, and a few outright lies floating around…

As homeowners, we need to be equipped with the correct information to make informed decisions about maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. So, let’s explore the three truths and a lie that could impact your comfort and energy bills!

Can you figure out which is the lie?

#1: Checking and changing filters monthly is smart…

Clogged filters reduce efficiency, overwork the system, and degrade indoor air. While DIY filter swaps are okay, most other tasks should be left to the experts!

#2: You might think a bigger furnace equals a warmer home, but it doesn’t…

An oversized furnace cycles on and off more frequently, wasting energy and shortening its lifespan. Opt for a properly sized unit for your home’s square footage and insulation, and enjoy consistent warmth without breaking the bank.

#3: Removing the front panel to inspect your furnace visually is harmless…

if you aren’t exposed to dangerous hot and moving parts or disturbing wires. It’s better to at least get started yourself so that you can tell a technician what you’re seeing and give them a head start on the problem.

#4: Upgrading to a new high-efficiency furnace saves long-term on bills…

Investing in an advanced replacement unit cuts gas/electric costs by up to 30% through enhanced performance. The price tag pays for itself within a few years before you start profiting from reduced energy usage and eco-friendly operations.

See the false claim now?

The lie is #3! Even visual inspection inside a furnace can be extremely hazardous without proper precautions, tools, and training. Safety should always come first with DIY repairs.

If you value your investment – not to mention your family’s health and comfort – leave the complex maintenance to qualified technicians. Stay savvy and keep your home safe this winter!

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