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Are Your Home’s Pipes Falling Apart?

Pipe issues

Is your plumbing system trying to send you a message? Pipe deterioration can happen slowly, often without obvious signs until it’s too late.

Look and listen for these subtle warning signs that your pipes may be wearing down. Catching issues early allows for repairs before leaks or bursts occur:

1. Cracks and corrosion

Check for visible corrosion, pitting, or cracks along exposed pipes, joints, and valves, especially in copper plumbing. Green buildup along copper pipe surfaces indicates corrosion. Even small holes or corrosion spots can lead to leaks. Replace damaged sections promptly before deterioration spreads.

2. Sound of running water (where it shouldn’t be)

Listen for running water sounds in walls, floors, or cabinets when no faucets or appliances are on. This could signal pinhole leaks in pipes due to corrosion. Take immediate action at the first sign of a leak to prevent water damage. Even occasional drips can be symptomatic of bigger problems.

3. Slow flow

Be alert for slowing water flow from faucets or sputtering shower heads. Narrowing of the inside pipe diameter due to buildup decreases water pressure. Sudden drops in water flow are a clue that serious blockages or corrosion may exist.

4. Water discoloration

Beware of discolored water coming from faucets. Rusty, brownish, or yellowish water points to corroded pipes or plumbing components. Don’t drink discolored water which could contain toxins. Call a plumber to check for damage.

5. Strange sounds

Listen for banging, clanking, or hammering sounds coming from pipes when water is run. This pipe vibration indicates advanced internal wear and tear. As pipes weaken over time, pressure changes cause vibrations. Replacement may be needed.

6. Drainage issues

Check for slow-draining sinks, tubs, or toilets. If drains take longer to empty than usual, corroded or clogged pipes could be blocking wastewater flow. Tree roots penetrating old pipes also cause blockages.

Detecting pipe deterioration early provides the opportunity for repairs before catastrophic failures. Don’t ignore small leaks or other symptoms! Our licensed plumbers at Ballard have the training to inspect pipes and determine when replacement is needed. Contact us online or give us a call today: 909-297-1914

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