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Help! My A/C is Leaking Water!

A/C leaking

Today, we’re solving a mystery that’s as baffling as why your socks always disappear — why is your A/C unit leaking water?

Let the pros at Ballard guide you through a few potential causes:

Frozen evaporator coils: If there’s a refrigerant leak or something hampers airflow, your evaporator coils may freeze, and when they thaw out — hello, indoor pool! Too much water to drain effectively means some will spill into your home.

Clogged or disconnected condensate drain line: Your A/C pulls moisture from the air, which is great for maintaining the correct level of humidity in your home. But if the drain line gets clogged with dirt, dust, and pollutants, water has nowhere to go and ends up overflowing. Or, if the drain line is loose or disconnected, that’s one reason it could be leaking water.

Broken condensate pump or float switch: If your A/C unit is in a hard-to-drain location, a condensate pump helps get the moisture out. But if the pump or the float switch malfunctions, the water has nowhere to go, causing a mini-flood!

Damaged drain pan: This is the MVP that catches condensation before it can flood your house. But if it’s corroded or damaged, it’s like using a colander to hold water. You could attempt to patch it, but would you also try to fix a car with duct tape? The Ballard pros can replace or repair it for you.

Excessive condensation build-up: Sometimes, the A/C unit just can’t handle all the condensation, leading to leakage. Causes range from clogged ducts and poor ventilation to high humidity. You need professionals to get to the root of the problem!

So there you have it, folks! Many reasons why your A/C could be leaking water! At Ballard, we’re committed to making sure your home remains a cool paradise in the San Bernardino heat! If you have any questions or need assistance with your A/C, contact us online or call us at 909-297-1914.

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