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Help! My Upstairs Shower is Leaking Through the Ceiling!


One of the worst things that can happen in your home is water leaking through the ceiling! If you’re noticing water dripping after someone showers, here’s what to do:

It’s a problem, but we can help

If you see water stains or wet sports on the ceiling after you take a shower, then of course you’re going to be worried about a huge problem. After all, it can ruin the drywall, the wood of the ceiling beams, and more! Also, in addition to all the structural issues, the leak can cause mold growth. Ew! And in fact, mold growth can happen within just a couple days of a leak starting. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you solve the problem right away.

Find the source

The first step is to figure out what exactly is causing the leak. The most likely cause is a leaky or loose pipe, but the problem could also be with the shower tiles. Did you know the tiles are for more than just decoration? Shower tiles are also supposed to help waterproof the area, and if you see cracks in the tile or the grout, then water could be seeping through the wall or floor. The other likely culprit other than the pipes is the faucet. Remember that if your faucet is dripping, it could indicate a much bigger problem than just the faucet itself and the wasted water. Drippy faucets could also mean a problem with washers, gaskets or O-rings, and more water could be leaking than just what you see dripping out of the faucet itself. A loose gasket at the shower drain rather than at the faucet could also be the cause of the leak.

Consider family members at fault

One last, but less likely, possibility is that someone who’s showering is letting water leak out of the shower (like because of where they’re standing, or not using the shower curtain properly), and then the puddle of water is leaking down through the ceiling because of improper wall/floor sealing.

Call Ballard’s expert plumbers

No matter what is causing your upstairs shower to leak downstairs, our plumbing team is happy to come out for a look. Contact us right away at Ballard Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning! Contact us online or call now: 909-297-1914

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