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How to “Turn Down” Winter Heating Bills


It’s not all that cold here in the Inland Empire right now – but still, it IS winter, and your heating bill could always be lower!

Here are our top tips for bringing down your heating costs, and enjoying being comfy and cozy while not breaking the bank.

#1. Don’t forget your thermostat

A lot of people “set it and forget it” when it comes to their thermostat, and sure, that’s probably because they’re comfortable. But even if you’re the type of person who wants to keep their thermostat set high, rather than put on the sweater and socks, consider this: turn your thermostat down when you’re sleeping! And when you’re away from home. You either won’t be awake, or won’t be at home, to experience the decreased temps. We offer both programmable thermostats and smart thermostats to help you keep your house at a comfortable temperature when you need, and then automatically change to help you save money when you’re out of the house, or when you’re sleeping. Smart thermostats even let you adjust the temp from your phone!

#2. Cook, to turn the heat up!

One easy way to warm your home, without putting as much strain on your heating system and your wallet, is to turn your oven on to cook a meal. It’s the ultimate solution! Just remember to turn the oven off when you’re done.

#3. Seal windows and doors up tight

Whether you’re dealing with air leaks because of drafts, or your windows are just old and need to be replaced, one simple way to reduce your heating bill is by making sure windows and doors are shut tight. If a draft is still getting through, consider weatherproofing measures, or replacements! While this seems obvious, many people don’t address wind flowing through their home’s structures. Windows are particularly common problem areas for inefficient insulation. You can weatherproof windows by covering them up with plastic, installing storm windows, or replacing the windows entirely.

#4. Add insulation to crawl spaces and attics

On a similar note, one way to keep your home’s temperature right this winter is by making sure there are no areas where cold air can get in. This means all the places, including spaces under your floors, behind your walls, and your attics if you have one. The more insulation, the better!

#5. Use fans wisely

Did you know that instead of using a ceiling fan to blow air downward, you can reverse it? You can blow air up toward the ceiling where it can hang out and feel nice all winter long. You may not have realized you can use a ceiling fan to heat your home this way, rather than just cool it, but you can!

#6. Get a heating tune-up

If your heating bills are higher than expected, then certain things might need repaired or replaced! You can give your home a little TLC by scheduling a tune-up for your system. Contact us online or call now: 909-297-1914

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