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How to Read Error Codes on a Furnace!

How to Read Error Codes on a Furnace!

Has your furnace suddenly stopped working, and you’re not sure why? Many furnaces now have self-diagnostic systems that provide error codes. Let’s learn about it!

Learning what these codes mean can give you a head start on discussions with professional technicians.

What are Diagnostic Error Codes?

Diagnostic error codes are provided by the electronic control board in your furnace. Newer models have integrated circuit boards that monitor operations. If the board detects a problem, it will flash an LED light in a specific pattern that corresponds to a code.

This alert system takes some guesswork out of locating issues. The codes identify the general area or component that is likely faulty in the furnace. Some furnaces even record previous error codes to point technicians to the original problem.

Locating the Codes

To check for blinking diagnostic error codes, you’ll need to locate your furnace’s control board. This is usually behind a removable panel. There will be a small LED display with a light that blinks on and off in a set pattern.

Count the short and long blinks related to a specific code. Keep in mind each furnace brand may have slightly different coding.

Interpreting Furnace Codes

You can search the specific code in your furnace manual for possible causes. For example, a 1-1 code often indicates an issue with the hot surface igniter circuit. A 3-2 code could mean the inducer motor is malfunctioning.

While the codes show areas of concern, they need to pinpoint the exact faulty parts. They also need to convey the complexity of doing this safely with the right experience!

Time to Call the Furnace Repair Professionals

Furnace error codes provide helpful troubleshooting clues. But in most cases, you should get service from a qualified heating and cooling technician to avoid safety risks!

Rather than attempting to diagnose yourself, use the code to give the furnace repair company a starting point. Proper interpretation combined with an expert technician’s testing know-how will get your furnace running cozily again!

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