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Strange and Spooky Furnace Noises


“We moved into a big house about two years ago … Lately, I’ve heard what sounds like ghostly screeching and scraping coming from the heating system …” That’s a scary story!

The story above is not a ghost story, after all. There’s an easy explanation for that noise coming from your furnace, and it doesn’t involve ghosts or other spooky creatures. To see the real cause of these noises, keep on reading!

Scraping noise (like nails on a chalkboard)

If you’re hearing a scraping sound coming from your furnace, it’s probably not a creature’s claws scratching. Instead, it could be a much more severe problem: metal components that come loose and are rubbing together. The culprit here is a component called a blower wheel. This wheel helps push air through the blower motor, which circulates air throughout your house. This wheel can fall out of place and become a loose cannon that scrapes or bangs against the blower casing. Let us at Ballard “take the wheel,” and we’ll have the problem solved in no time.

Screeching noise

If you’re hearing a high-pitched screech coming from your furnace, the first thing we’ll do is ask – when is the last time a technician came out and checked the motor bearings? Because, just like any appliance or other item in your home that’s 5, 10, 15, or 20 years old, a furnace will start to slow down if not greased properly. (Think of an old drawer or door that has squeaky hinges.) The answer to this screeching noise is simple: have a Ballard technician come out, check all the motor bearings, and lubricate them. You can’t do this yourself with WD-40, and an all-purpose oil won’t do the job. But Ballard will!

Banging noise

Keep in mind, an occasional banging noise coming from your ducts is normal. The ebb and flow of warm air through the ducts makes the metal expand and contract. However, if the noise happens frequently, it’s usually caused by an excess of gas in the chamber. This excess gas can lead to a “mini-explosion” when the furnace ignites. This problem puts wear and tear on your furnace, which means it’s time to call the experts!

Give Ballard a call

Fix this and exterminate the “evil creature” plaguing your furnace by calling in a qualified Ballard technician. Your heating system is always running, which means some parts wear out periodically. The sooner you work with us on servicing these parts, the better off your furnace will be! Don’t let spooky noises continue this October. Instead, schedule an appointment or call now: 909-297-1914

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