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This Air Conditioning Bracelet is So Cool!


Not only does the newest bracelet on the market look cool – it also promises to be able to keep you cool. But does it actually work?

What it does

The Embr Wave is a bracelet that is designed to cool you down when things start getting hot. It works not in the way you might expect, by having a fan attached to it or misting you with water like the little battery-powered fans that you get at the fair or a parade. Instead, the bracelet cools you down by having an actual mini heat pump on it! If you’re not sure what a heat pump is (or why it might be right for your home here in the Inland Empire!), a heat pump works by moving heat from one place to another – depending on the time of year, transferring heat out of or into your home. Now, this bracelet actually has its own mini thermoelectric heat pump, allowing it to deliver a little burst of heat or cold on your wrist. So, this bracelet in theory not only works as an A/C bracelet, but as a heater in winter too!

Does it work?

Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Okay, so the bracelet makes your wrist hot or cold. So what? How the heck is that actually supposed to make your whole body more comfortable?” But you’d be forgiven for underestimating the power that heating or cooling a single part of your body has on how hot or cold you actually feel.

We checked in with Business Insider, who wrote a (not sponsored) article about the Embr Wave bracelet. Their review? “Most of the time, it provided me with a pleasant cooling sensation that saved me from feeling warm and irritable.” Overall, they were impressed, but also said that the bracelet doesn’t help you feel cool in a way that, say, washing your hands in cold water wouldn’t also do. But of course you can’t do that all day long, and why would you? Instead, just the consistent blast of cool air on the wrist was more helpful than they ever expected it to be. However, when wearing the bracelet and riding on the hot subway, they said it was not nearly as helpful. However, the idea of a portable cooling device is still very … well … cool!

The takeaway

Overall, for just $300, the Embr Wave and other wearable cooling bracelets like it are a great idea. But nothing will ever replace the importance of having an actual air conditioner that works optimally to keep you cool on the hottest days! Here in the Inland Empire, we’ve still got some warm days left. If you’re having A/C problems, just schedule an appointment or call now: 909-297-1914

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