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Warning Signs of an Aging Water Heater?

An aged water heater being drained

A water heater is an essential element of every home. Without it, crucial tasks like washing the dishes or taking a shower would be extra work. So, it’s important to make sure that your water heater is in proper working condition. To follow are several warning signs that your water heater needs to be retired. If it turns out you need a replacement, Ballard is here to keep your home’s water at just the right temperature.

Old expiration date

Frequently, your water heater’s expiration date will define its age. You can find this date by looking for the serial numbers on the manufacture’s sticker near the top of the unit. While these stickers vary, the first two numbers typically represent the expiration year. If you discover your water heater is more than 10 years old, it’s time for a replacement.

Not heating!

The most common sign of an aging water heater is a failure to produce hot water. If your short shower is cold, it could be due to any of several issues: There may be leaks, rust, or sediment within the water heater tank. Let’s explore each of these more in-depth.

Rusty water

If your faucet is spewing rusty hot water, it probably means your tank is rusting on the inside. A rusting water heater is often likely to cause leaks. To test your hot water for rust, fill up several five-gallon buckets. If rust is evident in the buckets of hot water only, it’s wise to consider replacing your water heater.  

Water heater noise

As water heater tanks get older, sediment begins to build up. As this sediment is heated, it hardens, using up the heater’s energy. This can cause rumbling noises from your unit, a sure sign that it’s time to check the appliance.

Water heater leaks

When the water heater runs, the heating of metal within the tank causes it to expand. Over time, this expansion may cause slight fractures, leading to water leaks. Depending on the water heater’s location inside your house, leaks could result in significant property damage. If you find a leak, be sure to call a professional plumber to have your tank replaced.

Take full advantage of “Maintenance Madness” this spring by upgrading to a new water heater. For a professional installation that you can trust, call us at 909-297-1914! We provide quality service throughout the Inland Empire, including San Bernardino, Highland, Redlands, and more.

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