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Why Can’t My Furnace Deal With the Cold Weather?


Is your furnace not keeping up with the Joneses? Or not even keeping up with the Family Guy Griffins? Here’s what to do:

Dirty filter

First things first, check to make sure you don’t have a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter is one of the top reasons for a furnace breakdown. Why? Because it restricts airflow. Most of us understand why restricted airflow in a central heating system would be a bad thing: because this system forces hot air through the ducts, and then uses a fan to pull cool air out of the room, the whole operation relies on the blower fan. A dirty, clogged air filter not only reduces efficiency, but also makes the blower fan work harder.

In fact, according to the Department of Energy, a clogged filter causes your system to expend 15% more energy.[1] The harder the blower fan has to work, the higher your heating bills are. If the blower is unable to get air through your dirty filter, it may cause uneven heating, unhealthy air, or a total furnace breakdown. So change that filter!

An issue with the blower belt

However, there could be an issue with your blower that isn’t your fault at all: the belt

 Just like your car has a belt that helps drive the engine, your furnace has a belt called the blower fan belt. This belt connects the pulley on the motor to the pulley on the blower wheel, which powers the blower to work. And again, the same as the belt in your car, your blower belt can become loose, get cracks in it, or break. Again, it’s no fault of your own, but it’s one of the main reasons that regular furnace maintenance is so important. If your belt is loose, the fan won’t work the way it should, and won’t carry hot air through your home as it should.

This furnace problem is easy to spot, because a slippery blower belt will often make a loud and annoying squealing noise!

Lack of maintenance

While we’re on the subject, a lack of regular maintenance is going to lead to a furnace that can’t keep up. Whether there is a problem with the blower belt, or a cracked heat exchanger, or dirt and grime in the system … you need furnace maintenance, the same way you need car maintenance! Lucky for you, Ballard is here with reasonable prices and quick service. Now, your family will be the one to keep up with! Contact us online or call now: 909-297-1914

[1] Energy.gov

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