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Why Does Your System Need to Be Energy-Star Approved?

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When it’s time to purchase a new heating and cooling system, you’ll come across the Energy Star label on many models!

This certification means the appliance meets stringent energy-efficiency criteria set by the EPA. But why does Energy Star approval matter for heating and cooling systems? There are a few key reasons:

Lower energy bills

Products with the Energy Star rating are designed to save you money on utility costs. For a new furnace or A/C unit, an Energy Star model must be at least 15% more efficient than standard models. Over the lifetime of the system, that adds up to hundreds or even thousands in energy savings. Energy-efficient systems run optimally while using less fuel – gas or electricity.

Rigorous certification process

The EPA does not hand out Energy Star badges lightly! Manufacturers must show their heating and cooling systems truly save energy through strict testing. This verification process gives the Energy Star label credibility and trust. Before granting certification, the EPA reviews test results for system airflow, temperature control, and heating or cooling efficiency. Random off-the-shelf audits also confirm appliances consistently meet performance targets.

Validator testing results

In addition to EPA oversight, Energy Star partners with independent validators to test products. The Air Conditioning Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) serves as one validator. It uses third-party labs to analyze heating and cooling energy use and efficiency ratings under real-world conditions. Your Energy Star system from Ballard won’t just be efficient on paper – it will deliver PROVEN energy savings.

Quality engineering & components

Energy Star heating and cooling systems also feature quality engineering and components. They are designed from the ground up to maximize efficiency. Features like variable speed blowers and compressors, smart thermostats, and efficient heat exchangers help Energy Star appliances optimize energy use.

Utility rebates & tax credits

Now we’re really getting to the good part! When you purchase an Energy Star certified heating and cooling system, you’ll often qualify for rebates from utility companies and state/federal tax incentives. Utility rebates directly reduce the upfront cost of a new efficient furnace or A/C. Learn more here.

Peace of mind

Ultimately, the rigorous testing and standards behind Energy Star give homeowners peace of mind. When upgrading your heating and cooling system, be sure to look for the Energy Star mark! While you may pay a little more upfront for an efficient model, you’ll reap savings on energy costs for years to come.

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