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7 Gifts to Give…to Your Furnace!

7 Gifts to Give...to Your Furnace!

‘Tis the season for giving! But don’t forget one very important member of your household that keeps you warm all winter long – your trusty furnace.

This hardworking appliance deserves some extra love this time of year. Here are some “gifts” we recommend to give your furnace this year. (Don’t worry, the cost will be extremely reasonable!)

1. Give your furnace the gift of clean air with a sparkling new air filter. A fresh filter can help increase efficiency and reduce energy costs. Be sure to change it every 1-3 months to keep air circulation smooth.

2. Give your furnace the gift of good health with a professional tune-up! Have an HVAC technician inspect your system to ensure everything is in proper working order before frigid temps arrive. Think of it as a regular furnace checkup. Preventative care goes a long way!

3. Give your furnace the gift of cleaning ducts with a robot vacuum. Regularly vacuuming vents and surrounding areas minimizes dust buildup that can hinder airflow. Maintaining tidy ducts improves air quality and reduces strain on your system. It’s the gift that keeps on giving better circulation!

4. Give the gift of proper ventilation by keeping vents unblocked. Don’t close off vents in unused rooms – this can restrict airflow and make your system work harder. Keeping all vents open allows air to circulate freely. Closing vents in unused rooms doesn’t save money, because your furnace doesn’t “know” to circulate air to less of your home – how could it, right?

5. Give the gift of optimized settings by using “auto” mode. Let your thermostat do its job and switch on and off automatically to maintain ideal temps. Avoid overriding auto settings manually unless absolutely necessary.

6. Give the gift of patience by not over-adjusting the temperature. Turning the thermostat up very high won’t heat your home faster. Let your system gradually reach the desired temperature for optimal efficiency and performance.

7. Top off your holiday furnace care with a heartfelt thank you card! Handwrite a note expressing your gratitude for the hard work it does keeping your home warm night and day…Ok, ok, ok, this last one was a joke! But, if you feel like doing it, then, why not, right?

With some extra attention and care, you can keep your furnace running smoothly all season long. This year, thank your furnace for all it does to make the long winter months comfortable and cozy, by treating it well so it keeps on working for you and your family!

And here’s another cause for holiday cheer: the experts at Ballard are ready to help, at any time! Contact us online or give us a call today: 909-297-1914 And happy holidays!

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