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The (Rhyming) Holiday Story of Heat!

‘Twas the night before the furnace checkup, and all through the house…the heating was failing. It needed a tune-up no doubt!

The children all snuggled up cold in their beds,

While visions of warm air danced in their heads.

I called Ballard, and they said, “Don’t fear,

We’ll be there faster than Santa’s reindeer!

To make your furnace work anew,

And take this awful chill from you!”

With Ballard on their way, I decided to share,

A history lesson on home heating repair.

I sat by the kids, and this story I told,

Would temporarily take their minds off the cold.

We traveled back to ancient Roman times,

Where hypocaust systems used fire to heat climes.

Next we saw castles in medieval ages,

Warmed by grand hearths and fireplaces.

The Colonial period brought Franklin stoves,

A design no longer used today, as progress goes!

The 1800s brought steam heat in a pipe,

Though some systems were risky, with carbon monoxide ripe!

Then Alice Parker did revolutionize,

When she patented her furnace design so wise.

Her innovative heat exchanger was a marvel to see,

Bringing safe warmth to homes, amazingly!

Nowadays furnaces use gas or electricity,

To keep our homes toasty, isn’t it nifty?

But they still need some care to run at their best,

So call the pros at Ballard when you need a repair quest!

With tune-ups and service, your system will hum,

Keeping your family warm all winter long!

This year give your furnace some TLC,

And contact Ballard in San Bernardino – they’ll take care of thee!

Contact us online or give us a call today: 909-297-1914 And happy holidays!

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