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“What’s In the Box?” A Plumber’s Tools of the Trade

What is in the toolbox

As the plumber rolls up in their truck, ever wonder what exactly they keep in that toolbox of theirs?

We pride ourselves on being a business with expert plumbing technicians, so, let us give you the insider scoop!

First thing first – every plumber’s got a set of wrenches on hand. Can’t hardly complete a job without ’em! From standard crescent wrenches to pipe wrenches in every shape and size imaginable, these bad boys help grip and turn all sorts of fittings.

And pro tip: that giant, gnarly-looking, 2-foot-long one isn’t used as often as you’d think. Mostly just for show to impress the neighbors!

Next in the toolbox, you’ll always find an array of pliers. Needle-nose, channel-lock, locking – they’ve got it all. Pliers help grip nuts, bolts, wires, and all kinds of fiddly bits. Just think of them as wrenches for tighter spots. But don’t borrow the plumber’s favorite pair unless you want a dirty look – or worse. Those things can be like a blankie for some plumbers!

Oh, and you can’t forget about the trusty ol’ pipe cutters! Used to slice through pipe nice and straight, they’re a must for any custom work. And if PVC is involved, out comes the hacksaw for quick cuts.

Now on to the high-tech tools – like thread seal tape. Wrapping pipe threads prevents leaks for water-tight seals. Pro tip #2: it’s “Teflon tape,” not “plumber’s tape.” For ultimate precision, a level and tape measure are standard. Can’t eyeball that sink height perfectly every time!

Last but not least in the plumber’s box – the snake. And no not the reptile kind. We’re talking about the long bendable cables used to root out clogs deep in drain lines. With the right tools, we always get the job done!

So there you have it – some of the things in a plumber’s toolbox, give or take some specialty items. Next time your kitchen faucet’s leaking, give us a call, and not only will we fix your problem, but you can check out what gadgets and gizmos your tech is working with!

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